What happened to the lucky seed that fell from the farmer's cart?

Story by Kim Ashmore | Animation by Cambridge English Online


Do you want something to do now?

Plant a seed and watch it grow, then tell us about it! 

  • Find a flower pot, or an old yogurt pot with a hole in the bottom.
  • Fill the pot with soil and put the pot on a little plate.
  • Choose a seed that is easy to grow like radish or a sunflower seed.
  • Make a little hole and put the seed in.
  • Water the seed a little every day and put the pot in a light place.
  • Watch the seed grow!

Write to us and tell us about your experiment!

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It is weird because in the video... the seed have eyes, mouth and feelings!
The horse doesn't broke the seed with her hooves! Its awesome !!!
But its not bad

a great story

i like it

Some science and some not!
Let's go for the science first!
1. The seed grow is right.
2. The leaf can make sunlights into plants food! Like a factoty.
3. Trees make their own seed and animals, wind carry it away (they don't want to tell the dreadful part: birds eat fruit, inside the fruit, there are seeds, bird poop out seed it fall down to the ground and grow)
Not science:
1 The buffalo didn't break the seed!
2 The seed can talk!

 Its just a story from the fantasy but if this is all real will i agree with you ProfessorRockGrass



very good

Lucky the bufalo didn´t break the seed! Nice story.