How can you tell if you have had a monster in your fridge?

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It leaves footprints in the butter!

Footprints are the marks that your feet or shoes leave when you walk on sand or mud.


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This is funny and good.

i dont get it

Hi ForeverPonyDress,

Click on 'Help' for an explanation of the joke!


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i will scream to the monster

very boring joke please don't send these types of jokes here its just a time waste.........pls....!!!!!!!

Hi PrincessNebulaFlower,

Thanks for your comment. Different people like different jokes...I think it's quite funny!

You may find some of our other jokes funnier : )


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when I see a monster in my fridge it will eat everything!

How can they give this boring joke in ? I like some another jokes but not this one .

i don't really get it... >_<