Dare you enter the Haunted House? Can you find the things you need for your magic spell?

Game developed by Cambridge English Online


Did you find everything in the haunted house for the magic spell?

  • What other ingredients could you put in a magic spell?
  • Think of some ingredients for a crazy spell and tell us your ideas. 
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This is very funny.

 it's verry fun

scary, scary, scary

The sound is very scary,but is funny!

This game is off to a horrible but funny.

What about some blood, a banana, an apple, a mango, a plum and candies into the pot? Fruit and blood candies!

i don`t understand :( this game 

Hi CleverRuby20, 

There are six rooms, and you need to find one object in each room. The clue will help you find the object - when you find it, click on it.

Enjoy the game!

LearnEnglish Kids team