Match the kit game
Look at the footballers. What are they wearing?
Spot the dragon game
A dragon is a fantastic creature. Some have wings, some have horns and claws and some breathe fire. Can you spot the dragon?
weather forecaster
What's the weather like in China? What's the weather like in Egypt? Listen to the weather news and put the weather symbols in the right places.
Animal band quiz
How much do you know about music? Play this game to see how well the animal band plays.
Style a hero
Would you like to design your own superhero? In this game you can choose a hero - and give them the powers that you want!
Spycat is looking for lost pets. Listen to the descriptions and find the right pets.
book worm
Bookworm is really hungry and has to eat some letters! Listen to the words and choose the right letters for the bookworm. 
magic monkey
Follow the monkey's instructions and think of a number. Magic Monkey will guess the number. How does he do it?
Dare you enter the Haunted House? Can you find the things you need for your magic spell?
Image of alien on a planet
Do you like writing? You can create your own story here.