Do you enjoy making things? Try this craft activity.

In the UK winter is in December, January and February. Sometimes it snows. Does it snow where you live? Make snowflakes to decorate your house or room for winter!

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Hi! I am Zeynep Nisa.Please spek Turkish......         

Hi Doctor Song Piano,

Everyone here at LearnEnglish Kids speaks and writes in English. This is a place to practise your English, so I'm sorry, but you won't find anyone speaking Turkish.

Best wishes, Miss Lucky Mouse (website editor)

hey tortoise change your look

  • I really like this game its great its my first time playing this game so i dont know nothing very much i well need some help with that but ill try my best heheheh .
  • I'v been to lots of games and i forgot this one i really like this one the most it's great i like it more then all the rest of the games i play i hope people are nice to me i dont want to be  mean to people im kind im 9 years old i want lots of friends like the rest of the games i play so let me get  good luck good luck to u to .

THANK YOU GUYS FOR EVERYTHING MY NAME IS queenleavendprincess hopeu get good luck too hehehehehehheheh......................see ya >>>>>next time hehehehheheheh...............................>>>>>>>

 ye okay keep your hair on