Do you enjoy making things? Try this craft activity.

In the UK winter is in December, January and February. Sometimes it snows. Does it snow where you live? Make snowflakes to decorate your house or room for winter!

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I know another way to make a snowflake first start with a sqared paper then fold it into a triangle and fold it into a smaller triangle then fold it into thirds then the main thing cut the paper like shapes when your ready open it up and you get a beautiful vibrant snowflake.

I really enjoyed it.

nice for decorations ................... we can give this like a card in winters

can i make ????

Hi PrinceSoftwareCandle,
Click 'Print instructions to make a snowflake'. You can follow the steps and see pictures of how to make the snowflake .
I hope that helps.

Best wishes,
LearnEnglish Kids team

It's so nice and interesting. I make it with great pleasure.


 yeah its really nice