Anansi is always hungry and one day he is a bit too greedy. What will happen to Anansi? Watch and find out!

Traditional story adapted by Sue Clarke. Animation by Cambridge English Online.


Anansi is a very special spider. Do you like spiders or do you think they’re scary? Tell us what you think! 

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He should have known better! Silly Anansi..........
From, Duchess Clarinet Knight...

Oh  no ! Anansi's  legs  have  gone  thin !

 That is sad for the spider but i mostly liked it    :)

he got the right punishment!

To bad he became a short leg.

Its realy good.
I like little spiders but I do not like BIG spiders though becuase I had a big spider(the size of a tea cup) in my room at night and i was scared!

A spider the size of a tea cup!? That would have been freaky.

It wuld be so scarry.'re cute..

  • its nice