Practise the seasons and months of the year with this song about New Year.

Song and lyrics © Dave Holmes; Animation by Cambridge English Online


What's your favourite month of the year? Why do you like it?

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 Tell us about your favourite month of the year.

  • Which is your favourite month?=İt İs June
  • Why is it your favourite month?=Becouse I Vant Go To Sea
  • What's the weather like at that time of year?=It İs Hot And Sunny.

i like this song, it's very funny

I love summer  because nooooooooooooooo skcool yea

Hello!  My favourite month is July, because I can swim. It' hot in July.

My favorite mounth is September.Because it's my birtday...

mine too hahha

My favourite month is December because it's my birthday

My name is Erkan.I am from Turkey.I like rock music but ı don't like rap music.I like TV program Merlin and Yahşi Cazibe.I like ATATÜRK

Hı ı'm Turkish . My name is Erkan.My Favourite month is December because it's my birthday

I like this song very much!