Practise days of the week with this song about a monster.

Lyrics © Dave Holmes | Music and animation by Cambridge English Online


Do you like pizza and chips? What's your favourite food?

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I like pizza very much. This song is very nice. You are the best in the world in learning English.

 I think the monster loves pizza and chips.
But why don"t it eat it alone?

I don't know ask MissLucyMouse

I like mini-pizzas with cheese & sausage that I eat at my school. And I like chips.

 I am going to eat you with pizza and chips !!

i am a new member and i do like pizza and chips and i will eat u with pizza +chips!!!!!:)

Soo funny i laughed my head off!!!

is very funny:d

good video!!!!pizza and chips...

i like pizza and hamburger and milk and chocolate!!!!!! i like   a dog......and  grde:4°b ....¿and you?