Five internet safety tips

Do you know any internet safety tips? Watch the video to find out how to be safe online!


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Here are five internet safety tips for kids.

Number one - don’t give out personal information, such as home address, school name or phone number.

Number two - never send pictures to strangers.

Number three - keep passwords private except from parents.

Number four - don’t download anything without permission. It may contain a virus that can harm your computer.

And number five - tell an adult if you receive a mean or strange message.

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Do you know any more internet safety tips? Tell us your ideas!

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Submitted by LadyFarmTelephone on Tue, 30/04/2024 - 00:28


I think is a bad idea to open the pop ups in the pages.

Submitted by AgentTurquoiseHawk on Sat, 17/03/2018 - 15:09

It's bad if you write offensive words in comments. And don't write anything mean about someone.

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