Meet Great Britain's Junior Gymnastics star Scarlett

Scarlett is a young British gymnast. Watch the video to find out about her sport and her dreams for the future.


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Hi, I'm Scarlett and I'm part of the GB junior national squad. 

When I come to the gym, I usually start by warming up my muscles. After that, we go on to individual apparatus. So, on the vault, you usually either go, like, forwards or backwards or sideways. And then on the bars, it really does hurt your arms sometimes, because you're just on them the whole time. And then on beam, you have to be a lot more precise, because obviously it's so small. On floor, you can really express who you are and, like, your personality. I was always scared to go backwards on the beam when I was younger. So it's fine to take a step back to take two forwards and now I'm doing, like, loads of flicks in a row on the beam. 

Everyone always thinks the skills come really easily, but it takes a lot of time and effort, which can sometimes, you know, be a bit exhausting, but when you get it, it's just the feeling that you've got a new skill, which is so good. I come to gym around about five days a week. My school's very supportive about my gymnastics. It's very important to be organised, because you don't want to miss out on any homework or, like, tests.

The best bit about the gym is all the coaches and the girls here. They're all supportive and they're just so much fun. I don't see any rivalry with any of the girls I compete with, because we all go through the same things, like, in the gym, like, you know, there's been ups, there's downs, so it's just like we all support each other.

One of my proudest moments was this year's British Championships, as I got the opportunity to compete in my first-ever beam and floor finals. I was one of the youngest in my age category. In the future I'm hoping to compete for GB in loads of internationals and also the 2028 Olympics. 

Some of the gymnasts that inspire me the most is Jessica Gadirova on the floor, because she's so powerful and her dance is so beautiful, and also Georgia-Mae on the bars, because she can just swing them so well. 

For anyone who wants to start gymnastics, I think it's a good idea to only train, like, once or twice a week and just do it for fun to make sure it's definitely what you want to do. Top tip is just to always have fun, because that's when you start to enjoy it more and you progress.



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Have you ever done gymnastics? What sports do you like?

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I know she is so great at a young age

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I love gymnastics!

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