Siblings who love inventing

Would you like to be an inventor? Watch this video about a brother and sister who love inventing things.


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My word to describe Arnav is 'annoying'.

If there was one word to describe Mihika it would be 'melodramatic'.

Hi, I'm Arnav and I'm 12 years old.

Hi, I'm Mihika and I'm eight.

We are brother and sister and we love inventing.

What I love about coding and inventing is, the process is really fun.

I first invented something when I was five years old and it was called a Smartstick. So, the Smartstick helps blind people and deaf people. So, it has two ultrasonic sensors that detects obstacles. And it has a water sensor that detects any puddles. It has two motors. One vibrates if you need to go left and one vibrates if you have to go right. And if there's an obstacle, both of them vibrate. 

One of my inventions is Vivify Me. It's a tool for people with dementia. I was inspired to make this project after I learned that my grandfather had dementia. It's got games, it's got mood tracking. It's also got hardware devices such as a motion sensor to make sure they stay in at night and don't get confused. We've got hourly reminders so they take their medication or eat their lunch.

When I grow up I wanna be an engineer because when I've made any invention, it makes me feel proud and I want to jump around the room. 

My advice to children who want to get into coding or inventing would be, before actually doing it, plan it out. I was very disorganised at the start and there were many problems which could have been avoided if I'd actually noted everything down, and what I want to do, step by step.

If you want to code and invent, you don't need to be afraid. Do what you think you can do and then if you're stuck, just research about it. 



Imagine you invent something that helps people. What is it? How does it work? Tell us about it! 

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