Past simple - verb 'to be'

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Past simple – verb 'to be'

We can use the past simple of the verb to be to talk about situations and states in the past.

I was at my gran's house yesterday.
She was with her friends last Saturday.
We were happy yesterday.

How to use it

Use was for I, he, she and it. Use were for you, we and they.

I was hungry this morning.
You were in the garden yesterday.
It was sunny yesterday.
They were at the beach last weekend.

For negatives, use not. We can contract not and the verb, especially when we're speaking.

I was not late for school this morning. = I wasn't late for school this morning.
He was not at home last Saturday. = He wasn't at home last Saturday.
We were not cold yesterday. = We weren't cold yesterday.

For questions, change the order of was or were and the person.

Were you tired this morning? Yes, I was.
Was she at the park last Sunday? No, she wasn't.
Where was he yesterday?

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This easy things Helps you learn

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Today I learn how to use was, were, wasn't and weren't. I'd like to give some example.
We were in the park last week.
We were at school yesterday.
Yesterday was Tuesday.
I wasn't at the park yesterday.
She weren't at the park yesterday.

I learned about was, were, wasn't and weren't. Here are some examples:

We were in Diyarbakır for the weekend.
My brother was tired.
I wasn't bored in the guest house where we stayed.
My parents weren't bored either.

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it's super easy

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It Is Easy

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Good game too

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