When's your birthday? How do you celebrate your birthday? What's the best birthday present you have ever got?  What do you do at birthday parties?

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My Birthday is June 16 with my family my favorite present was a makeup set it’s real I go random places my random place was the movie

Hi guys , my name is PurpleMusicCactus .
My birthdays in September 15th 2012 , which is a date I really like .I invite my friends to play. I have 6 present 10$dolla . My favorite present is a Mipan statue .It's cute and beautiful . I like it . It's from Na sister
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my birthday is on 22 December ...I celebrate my birthday in my house with my family ... the best birthday present I have ever got a blue and white bike and a microphone ...At my birth day I eat a cake ,drink fizzy drinks meat sweets, sing songs and dance!!!

My birthday is in 2th of February.When I celebrate my birthday i play with my friends,
get present, have family meal and go to the cinema. My best present is my computer. In the party i play with my friend and dance.(☞゚ヮ゚)☞

I wish you have a good birth day

Hi I'm Vlada
My birthday is in April
I celebrate my birthdat at home
My best birthday present is Nuggets

hi twinkling Diamond700
I wish you have A good birthday
I made me birthday in the home too because of Corona virus
my best wishes ...how old are you ? and where are you from

Hello. My birthday is 10 of february. I invite my friends to play. I had no favourite birthday present. I play in the garden and I eat cake, always is funny.

My birthday is on March 21st and I love the camera I got hooray for
birthdays YAY!!!!!

My birthday is on the 8th October, which is a date I really like, because it's 08.10.2008. I just think that this is very beautiful. I celebrate my birthday with my family, but I do not have any birthday parties with my friends though a lot of my friends do so. But I just don't like that. The best birthday present is probably a little toy pig, which is called Bella. I got it on my 3rd birthday and I do like it sooo much!