How to make chocolate mud pies with Tilly Ramsay

Do you like being in the garden? Do you like cooking? Watch the video to find out how to make chocolate mud pies!


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Hi, all. It's me, Tilly. Can you remember the first recipe you made? I used to come up with great ones like grass sandwiches, slug biscuits and my favourite, mud pies.

Right, time to go back in time and get messy.

OK, I'm in the kitchen not the garden. And I'm making my deliciously messy mud pies.

Start by making the chocolate cake mix: cocoa powder, sugar, self-raising flour, soft butter and one egg. Mix. Oh. Oops. Told you it'd be messy.

[What are you doing?]

I'm making mud cakes.

Mud cakes?

OK, so it should look like this.

Mum, so when I was younger how muddy did I used to get?

You used to put on your swimming costume and your wellies and you'd just go outside with a bucket and you'd fill it with the weirdest things and then just kind of stroll around the garden in a swimming costume and wellies.

That bit's gonna get cut out.

Stroll around the garden in a swimming costume and wellies. A swimming costume and wellies. A swimming costume and wellies.

These plant pots haven't actually had plants in, They're new. I just washed them. I then line them with baking paper and butter. Gonna put some mix in each one. So it really is like building a mud pie in the garden.

I love making things that look inventive.

And these'll go in a hot oven for 20 minutes.

At the moment they're really hot, so I'm gonna leave them to cool down for about half an hour.

These are nice and cool now. Time for the messy bit. This is chocolate sauce. It's just chocolate melted into warm double cream. Second layer: whipped cream. Whizzed-up chocolate cream biscuits. And it really does look like soil. Looks like I've just gone in the garden and scooped it out. Worms. Gonna make it so half its body's buried, like real worms.

Err. Err. Err.

Looks err. A slightly prettier bit, some flowers. These are edible rice paper flowers.

Wow, I think that looks great. Totally yuck-tastic. My ultimate messy mud pies.


Get gardening and let me know if your mud pies fool the rest of your family.

Bye for now.



Would you like to make these chocolate mud pies? What’s your favourite thing to cook? Tell us about it!

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