Do you celebrate Easter? If so, what do you do? What's your favourite part of the Easter holiday? If not, what do you know about this holiday?

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In Poland we celebrate Easter. We prepare a easter breakfast on easter sunday. There is eggs, lamb made of butter, ham, bread, few salads and few other things. My favourite part of the easter holiday there are days off.

Yes, I do. I eat chocolates, lunch with my family, I see the procession and I participate in teh compass. My favourite part of the Easter is when I am with my family.

I celebrate Easter to and Christmas

Yes, we celebrate Easter.
We bake the Easter lamb. And we paint Easter eggs.
My favourite part is baking.

My name is Arina. I celebrate Easter. We buy Easter Bread, paint eggs , cook meat sausage. We put all food into the basket and early in the morning we go to church and bless it. After church we go to my granny’s. At my grandma’s we have a holiday meal . My favorite parts of the Easter holiday are fighting with eggs and eating Easter bread. Many many many years (1987) ago Christ rose from the dead and saved all people. This year we will stay at home because of COVID -19.

I don't know very well how people celebrate Easter in Spain because I don't celebrate it, but some people goes to see the processions and participates in eggs hunts.

We don´t celebrate Easter, but we usually go away on holiday.

my name is Caelynn. I live in the united states. I celebrate Easter with my family. We hunt for eggs, but my favorite part is dressing up and going to church!

1: Actually I don't know. 2: When I was younger when we were in our summer house. We got some candy and then hid it in the garden. And after that you can guess what we did afterwards ( we ate the candy ). But I think I am little to old for that.

We celebrate Easter. I have a party and eat.