Being healthy

Sometimes we don’t like it when people tell us what to do! Listen to this poem about being clean and healthy.


Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the poem and do the activities.


Being healthy

Mum says I have to brush my teeth

In the morning and at night.

They look and taste much better

But I hate it when she’s right.


Dad says I have to take a bath

And wash my body well.

I do feel nice and clean and fresh

But now he’s right as well!


My brother says I have to wash

My hands to keep them clean.

He’s right, my fingers feel so good

Without dirt in between.


My sister says I have to eat

Some vegetables each day.

She’s right, I have more energy

To run and walk and play.


I feel more healthy and I’ve got

Much better teeth and skin.

Don’t tell them that I think they’re right –

I hate it when they win!


Gillian Craig


Do you like this poem? What do you and your family do to stay healthy? Tell us about it!

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