Look at the menu then do the exercises to help you practise writing in English.


What's your favourite meal to eat in a restaurant? Tell us about it!

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I want MEAL cheese and tomato pizza Whit salad. Dessert ice cream strawberry. Drinks milkshake chocolate. Please

I want a fish and chips with peas
A chocolate cake
And banana milkshake please

For meal:

cheese and tomato pizza with salad

For dessert:

Strawberry ice cream

For drink:


I want eat a fish and chips I want to take a chocolate cake I also want to take Of drinks orange juice
Plepase .

My favorite meal is fish. It's yummy! My grandmother can cook it really well. I don't like eating the fish in the restaurant because I think the fish from the restaurant isn't tasty. My whole family likes eating my grandmother's fish.

My favorite food is rice noodles.

My favorite meal at restaurant is Sichuan cuisine, it's spicy but very delicious, I heard people who travel to Sichuan province said that, all you need to do is walking into a restaurant in Sichuan, any restaurant, it will satisfy your stomach.

Hi, I like to play the game after I read. It's easy and useful to memorize what I read. I like orange juice, because it's tasty and cheap.

Me too

Steak and spaghetti! I take ice cream as a desert!