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Like + ing

We can use like, don't likelovehate and don't mind + ing to say how we feel about an activity.

I like going to the park.
She loves playing games.
They hate cleaning.

How to use it

Love means it's great. Like means it's good. Don't mind means it's OK. Don't like means it's bad. Hate means it's really bad!

smileysmiley We love using the computer.
smiley I like cooking.
indecision She doesn't mind studying.
sad He doesn't like shopping.
sadsad They hate going to the dentist.

After love, like, don't mind, don't like and hate we usually use the verb with ing.

We love watching TV.
I don't like doing homework.
Do you like reading?

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It is very fantastic

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Word 2 word is easy game for me only. I love this game. And you friends too.

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This game is very easy

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