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Do you like writing stories? You can make a detective story, a fantasy story or an adventure story here!


Choose the type of story you want to make. At the end of the game you can read your story and print it. 

Have fun!

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Play and learn with Story maker 2.

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What type of story did you make? What was the best part of your story?

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Submitted by PinkSunflowerKitty on Sat, 04/07/2020 - 16:03


Hello, this is really fun but I found a mistake. There is a sentence that said "Sky's best friend was a unicorn". I thought it should be "an unicorn". Thanks

Hi PinkSunflowerKitty smiley,

Thank you for your question. Unicorn begins with the vowel 'u' but it sounds like 'yoo' so for this word we use 'a' not 'an'. It is the same with the word 'uniform'. We say - a uniform. Can you think of anymore?


Best wishes,
BluePixieWand (LearnEnglish Kids team)

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