Why are fish so clever?

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Because they are always in schools.

You know what the word 'school' means, but did you know that it's also the word used for a group of fish?

You can say, 'I saw a school of tropical fish when I went diving.'


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 Kinda funny

cool joke but i don't think fish are that clever....
even you yell at them'till your mouth falls of,.....they still not listen to you...

thats funny

ha ha ha  funny  because  there  in  schools  lol!

i like school (in sweden , not in china) , so  won't say : poor fishes ....

LOL, seriosely LOL!

so funny

its really really good and nice!!!!

i dont like this joke

 very funny but i guess they arn't clever enough cause they always fall for the fisher men's net. 
Lady Violet Crab (yes i too am a fish) he he