Two children are on holiday at the Pyramids in Egypt. What adventures will they have? Watch and find out!

Story by Sue Clarke | Animation by Cambridge English Online


Basma and Hossam find a tomb in the pyramid. What treasure do you think is inside? Tell us about it!

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It is a funny story! Because Basma and Hasama are causing the mummy! 0w0

mah it´s not scary at all

it really isn't scary

Basma and Hasama found a mummy.The mummy was super stupid. I hate the look of the mummy because the reason is mummies in Egypt and Cairo are wrapped with like what is it called? Oh, yeah toilet paper. Yuck!!!!

Basma ana Hossam found a mummy,the tresure that they found is the mummy

please don't give me a scare videos

pharaoh as king

I think that the only treasure that may be in teh tomb is the mummy of a pharaon, like Tutankhamun or Nefertiti.

Cheerfulmusic2I think that is appallingly correct but there was lots of good and gems until some tom robers came and stole some of the stuf from the toms but some times they get grapes in the pyramid and paw away the end!!!

This story is so cool and the is so scary.