Look at the postcard from London then do the exercises to help you practise writing in English.


Which places have you visited? Which places do you want to see?

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I have never traveled abroad. I want to go to Spain.

I'd like to go to London!

my teacher uses this

me too

I visited Viet Nam, south of France, Paris, Italy, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Switzerland, and Qatar.
I want to see USA, Scotland and London.

I'm from Vietnam!Hi

I visited Cyprus, Greece, Portugal, Thailand. I want to go to USA and Great Britain:)

Dear mum,

I am on quarantine in my grandparents’ city called Melitopol. There are lots of things to do and to see!

On Monday we went to the park and walked in it. On Tuesday we went to Masha's house we did a shashlik and
created a Tik Tok video. On Wednesday we cooked some pan cakes. On Thursday we bought a picture with two cats and colored it. On Friday we did some good yum yum food. On Saturday we went to roundabout.On Sunday I rid off this English. (like)

See you soon!
Love you Goldplayer7000 xxx

I have visited Paris, Egypt, Israel.(cool)

I want to see USA

I’ve dever been too london allthough i have been to the USA.