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We can use adverbs to describe how somebody does something.

I speak English well.
He plays hockey badly.
We try to do our homework correctly.

How to use them

To make adverbs, we normally add ly to the adjective. Sometimes the spelling is different.

She ran quickly.
They sang beautifully.
The children are playing happily.
I dance terribly.

Some adverbs don't have ly.

I don't write Italian well.
My mum drives fast.
Do you work hard?

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Submitted by BlueRapNightingale on Sat, 25/04/2020 - 16:07

Hello, I'm from Bangladesh. The game was really cool and easy as well. I scored 10 on 10 100% on both....Hahaha

Submitted by FabulousOpal100 on Sun, 19/04/2020 - 07:38

it was so easy

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