What is your favourite day? Tell us about it!

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My favorite day is my Birthday (8th May). My favorite holiday is Christmas.

My favorite day is April 22nd because it is earth day.

My favourite day is 2 August because it's my birthday.

my favourite day is november 3 (three) because it is my birthday

My happy birthday may 1 2009 ;)

my favorit day is march 12 the event is national plant a flower day it is the day we plant some flowers

my favourite day is xmas

My favorite day is june 1st

My favorit day is my birthday

My favorite day in the year is Chinese new year and the mid-autumn festival. It is on z January 1 and Augest 15, but on the chinese calender. I really like to eat mooncakes and I also like to eat delicious food with all of my family members.