When's your birthday? How do you celebrate your birthday? What's the best birthday present you have ever got?  What do you do at birthday parties?

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Hi, my birthday is on 25th of October. I celebrate my birthday with my family.
I have a best present but I forgot it.
Sometimes i eat with my friends and family...

My birthday is on 19th of August. I celebrate my birthday with my friends at caffee or at home. There is not a single present to be mentioned. I always happy to get presents. At my birthday parties we like to do dance and to play many games.

I am 4 years old. My birthday is 14th February, i celebrate with my family and friends. We eat cake and open presents and my favourite toy i had is my spiderman figures and woddy and buzz

My birthday is 25 March and not ling ago I’m 10 years old I got lots of presents

Hi ,my name is Panav. My birthday is on 15th July. I celebrate with my parents and friends . I play games and i have lot of fun. I cut the cake and my best gift in the world is superman scooter.

My birhday is in March. Im ten. I celebrate my birhday with my parents and friends. For eight birhday i got phone that is my best present! On birhday im eat and play with friends!
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My name is Thinuri. I was born at 15 th of February 2011. Now i am 9 years old. I celebrate my birth day with my family at my home. my favorite birth day gift is pink color shoes. I cut my cake with my brother and get some fun with him.


My birthday is on 10 october. I'm ten years old. I celebrate my birthday with my parents and friends. My best birthday present is a ticket for plane

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My birthday on the first of April. I celebrate it with my parents. My mum calls her friends who also have little children and we go to the children's entertainment centre to play on bridges, climb the walls, swing and eat ice-cream after all. My best present I ever got was a bicycle which I got this year. I still don't know how to ride but it's lots of fun.

My birthday is 17th of October. I celebrate my birthday with party. I invite my friends and play game with them. My best present is sweater given me by Zeynep. I cut cake at my birthday partiy.