When's your birthday? How do you celebrate your birthday? What's the best birthday present you have ever got?  What do you do at birthday parties?

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HI! My birthday is on 24th May. I'm 9,5 now. I always get to go on holiday on my birthday. I don't get present to much but I still like it. I have been to 11 country. And the best present that I have is a MacBook and it's gold too! ; )

Hi! My birthday is on 22th April. And I do not celebrate my birthday.

My birthday is on 19 of may. My favourite gift is a lava lamp and I enjoy everything on my birthday party but the most important thing is to have fun.

Hi Black Tulip80,
You are so lucky that you can have smartphone for your birthday present.I want a smartphone too.l had a bag for my present.

I got a s11 for my birthday

My birthday is on 12 October. I and my family go to the birthday party. The best present is a smartphone. On my birthday parties i am jumping and getting off the slides. It all very funny.

my b'day is on 14th February. i enjoy with my friends. the best present i've got is the love from my family and Eng teacher.

my birthday is on 24th of April. On my birthday i get a presents , go to the restaraunt and have a birthday cake my brother , sistrs ,grandmothers , grandfathers come and say their wishes for me .

my birthday is 22 nd of oges no my birthday is a ps4 my

My birthday is on 4th of September, I celebrate by eating cake and pizza, I don't get presents on my birthday and I have not attended birthday party's that much.