Circle of friends

When we talk about our group of friends we sometimes call it our 'circle of friends'. Listen to this poem about why we say a 'circle' of friends!


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Circle of friends

Why do we call it a circle of friends?

The reason is it always bends.

The shape won’t change with someone new

If there are many or just a few.


A circle is strong, it can shrink or grow

As you meet new people you’d like to know

Or lose a friend in a silly fight

There are others there; it will be all right.


A circle never runs out of space

Come and go, there’ll be a place.

A gap can close and open again

To be filled by you, no matter when.


There’s always room for another one

Another person to share the fun

Another person who you can share

Your feelings with, who will always care.


Inside the circle, the space is free

To play with one or two or three.

Skates and scooters, books and toys

To share with different girls and boys.


Other shapes have angles and lines

You really can’t change those designs.

Bend like the circle, make it wide

You’ll find a world of friends inside.


Gillian Craig


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Submitted by PrincessTrumpetTabla on Sun, 26/03/2023 - 04:26


I love this poem!

Submitted by GreyVioletJellyfish on Wed, 19/12/2018 - 21:00

Do you like this poem? Yes,I do. I have many friends, and sometimes we have fights, but then we make peace

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