Read about how to say no to bullying then do the exercises to help you practise your reading in English.


What can schools do to stop bullying? What's the best way to say sorry?

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cyber buyllying is very bad.

Some one bullying me but she did not say me sorry becauces she is naughty . but i say bullying is not good . i said," if you bully, your parents will scold you". But she doesnt care.She said , ''i don't care''.So i told her mother but she even told my best friend to bully me.So my friend said ok but i tell my friend' mom ,my friend was very sorry then she told me sorry. the bully slap my forehead with pencil , i am really pain then i tell teacher teacher scolded her.

OMG That Gonna Very HURT!!

Hi DJDinosaurViolet,


We're really sorry to hear you're having this experience. Remember, it's very important to tell an adult that you trust, like a parent or teacher, when someone is bullying you. We hope the situation gets better for you soon!


LearnEnglish Kids team

yeah your right.i tell my mom and dad but she don't care .thats why she told my best friend say ok.
DJ dinosauarviolet

Hi DJDinosaurViolet,


It's really important that someone helps you with this situation. Please tell more adults that you trust (for example another person in your family, a teacher or a neighbour) until you find someone who will help you. Good luck!


LearnEnglish Kids team

Hi LADYCRYSTAl.yeah your right.

the teacher can ask the student to stop bullying because he or she may feel bad. If I was bullying some one I would say sorry and make a card for her saying I am very sorry for bullying.

Bullying is a bad thing. Nobody should bully anyone

once my frend was bully and i told him stop and he was stop. i make evrybody heppy