What chores do you help with at home? Which chores do you like doing? Are there any chores that you don't like doing? Which chores are easy?


Your Turn: Chores
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I do laundry folding and laying the table. I don't know which one I like because I hate them all. I HATE TO LAYING THE TABLE!!!!. ................And I hate chores ?!?!????.,,,,,,,,,

Sometimes, I wash the yard.
Usually, I do the washing up.
Rarely, I lay the table and I do other chores

I like to do dishwasher.l help to do dishwasher mom.I don’t like mopping. Taking care of my little sister is easy for me

I like to do some chores but I also don't like doing some of them!

I dust,mop the floor,vacuum clean,sweep the floor,take out trash,make the bed.I like make the bed.I don't like mop the floor.Make the bed it is esy.

I`m not doing Chores really, i always playing games and stuff. Its more my mom and dad who does the Chores, but i have to do it in my room, and yea im pretty bad at it. But i just gonna learn it one day...

what is chore ????

Chore is like, do u clean ur room or living room,.. idk how to explain it xD

Hi ForeverJewelSphinx,

A chore is a job that you do at home. For example, tidying your bedroom or sweeping the floor. If you want to learn all about chores, you can play our word games:



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I always help my mom to do the housework. I often wash dishes, sweep rooms and tidy my room.