Read about seasons then do the exercises to help you practise your reading in English.


What's your favourite season? Why? Tell us about it!

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my name is roshanak.i am 12 and i live in iran.
i dont like summer becuse i hate the sun and warm weather.
when i go under the sun my skin turns red and it burns!
but i love the spring and it is my favorite seosen.

my favourite season is spring

My favorite station is winter

my favourite season is rainy season, cause i live in indonesian, a tropical country.

Recently my favorite season is summer, because i can wear anything comfortable and light, and I could go anywhere without thinking about dangerous slips. Although i was like winter because, the holidays was a lot in this season and the general weather was so friendly when you set with your family and Gather in one room and talking to each other .

my favorite is winter.

My favourite season is spring.

My favourite season is summer because i have holiday and i go to beach with my family

My favourite season is winter because if I live in America I will throw snowball at my friend that I missed.