In the UK, 1 April is 'April Fool's Day'. This is a day when people play tricks on each other for fun. A trick is like a practical joke. Do you like playing tricks on people? Is there a similar day in your country? Tell us about a trick you have played on somebody!

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my country does not have a similar day, but, i will play trick on somebody in the day ,for instance tell someone that i have a crush on her

I used it to trick my friend

April Fool;s day

In Vietnam, April day is not really fun. They usually tell something which is not true to trick their friends, but they all know. LoL.

We have 'April Fool's Day too. We can speak any lie.

it's so nice

i also love that. i love making tricks

I love 'April Fool's Day' because I love playing tricks on people !


I once played a joke on my Grandmother while she was cooking. I gave her a bit of a shock, and she nearly jumped a mile.

i once played a joke on my teacher it was april foolsday and on the start of the game she said ``im not being fooled today `` and when she was pionting at he board i said ``miss what have you done to your finger have you cut it off? `` then she started looking and i said ``aprill fools ``