Listen to the tongue twister and practise saying it. How fast can you say it?

'Toy phone, toy phone, toy phone.'

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This video was very easy and I like it!!!^_^

it is quite nice

 I do'nt see red button.

Hi YellowRabbitBird, 

The red button is under the sentence "How fast can you say it without making any mistakes?"

If you can't see the red button, make sure you have the latest version of JavaScript so that you can use this voice recorder - ask your mum or dad to help you.

LearnEnglish Kids team

I don't know how to record myself. Please tell me plzzzzzzzzz :) :) :)

Hi VioletSeaSki,
Can you see the red button?
Click on the red button and say the tongue twister. Click on the square black button when you have finished. Then click on the round black button to hear your voice.
You need to have the latest version of JavaScript enabled to use this voice recorder.
I hope that helps. 

Best wishes,
LearnEnglish Kids team


I said it 10 times and the word is becoming like typhoon.

its very funny

its so fun

I love it I said it 90 times!