Do you want to practise using past simple questions in English?

Past simple – questions

We can use past simple questions to ask about the past.

Did you have fun with your friends yesterday?
Where did she go for her last holiday?
What did they watch on TV last night?

How to use them

Use did and the verb, but don't change the verb to the past form.

Did you have a nice weekend?
What did he learn at school yesterday?
When did they see the film?

We usually add time words at the end.

Did they play a game yesterday?
Did you visit LearnEnglish Kids last week?
What did he have for dinner last night?

We make yes or no answers with did or didn't.

Did you finish your homework? Yes, I did.
Did your friend call you yesterday? No, she didn't.

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I liked the game and the worksheets too much

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very easy

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i love that games