Do you like barbecues? What kind of food can you cook on a barbecue? Where's a good place to have a barbie? When was the last time you had a barbecue?

Your Turn: Barbecues


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i like to eat barbecue so much , i like eating fish on a barbecue and i will add too chili on the food, because i love spicy food ! the last barbecue i ate was last year.

don't barbecues are dengerous can burn

i love BBQ . my family cooks sausages, beefs, chicken as usual. in Maldives beach sand is white so we usually make BBQ s there love it. i made the last BBQ at last month.

hello kitty.
yes, i love barbecues. In my mother's homeland, argentina, they cook barbecues very often, my uncle is an expert on that. they are the best i have ever eaten.
a good place to make a barbecue is in a backyard. the last time i eated one was a month ago in my father's twin brother's house.

I can't cook. Barbecues are very good. In some years later my mom will teach me to make barbecues.

I love barbecues very much.I always cook beef and corns in a barbecue ,they are very nice,I think a beach will be a best place to have barbies because after you have finished you can swim in the sea.The last time I had barbecue was last month in my garden ,it was delicious especially the corn.

yes, I like barbecues. I can cook chicken, fish and beef. The good place is at the beach. The last time I had bbq was on last new year eve.

Yes, I like barbecues. i can make steak. a good place to have a barbie is in my garden. the last time i had a barbecues was four days ago


1.I like barbecues 2.I can cook sandwiches and hamburgers on barbecues grills. 3.On green grass or under a tree is a good places to have barbecues 4.Last time I had it was in America