Play some fun games to practise spelling in English. Can you spell the words with magic 'e'?


What’s your favourite word with magic 'e'? Do you know any other words with magic 'e'? Write a comment and tell us!

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Great and easyyyyyyy!

I like this game very much. I got 100% I'm very happy.

Easy! I like this game very much!

You know the connect letters like ch? th? and er? theres a connecting magic e!
ill cap the connections and efeects mAkER see the e is making a sound like ai and its also connected to er so its not silent =3 im clever and byy the wat i am french and english

on the balloon order when i spelled cake you should be able to make the other words you can make there like cape

Toooooooooooo piece of cake

 My score is 100 %

it is v.v. easy


it is to easy

very easy,and cool