What's Kitty doing now? What does she do every day? Do you know how to use the present simple and present continuous? Watch the video and find out!


What are you doing now? What do you do every day? Write a comment and tell us about it!

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Hello, I am typing on a computer. I am siting on the chair. I am breathing air . I am thinking about sentences and hearing voice of my brother. I wake up in the morning brush my teeth I take bath I drink milk I go to school !!!!!!!!!!!

Hello I'm a girl from Spain and I am studying English.

Hi, I am from Russia. I am writing a comment. And my morning routine is as follows. At the beginning. I get up at seven o'clock, I go to wash my face and brush my teeth, then I eat and rinse my mouth after breakfaste , then I put on my chothes, I take my brunch and check my phone and go to school.

I am writing. I read a book.

So fun

I am sitting on the sofa. My Daily rountue: I wake up at the7:30 and have a breakfast. After I go to the scholl and I arrive home. I do homework. and I watch TV. I surf on the internet. I meet my friends. and sleep

I wake up at night I have breakfast and I sleep again.

The video it funny!

Thank you British Council, For teaching us these things with lots of fun. I loved this video.

I like it very much. Do some more videos. Who writes it is not good they are wrong.