Is it summer where you live? Are you on holiday from school? Tell us what you do in the summer holidays.

Your Turn: Summer Holiday
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I'm Dan L, I'm in the summer holiday. I go to Hai Phong with mother and father, I go to Do Son with grandmother and grandfather. I am very happy.

Hi! I'm Thuỳ L, I'm from Việt Nam, but I live in France! Yes, we are in Summer! Usually, in Summer, I go to Việt Nam, I go to my maternel granny in Dĩ An, or to my paternel granny, in Hà Nội! With my family, we go to the beach!

Here it is Spring. I love Spring and it's my favourite season. But I can't wait Summer!

No, we aren´t in summer. Last summer holidays I stayed in BS AS and in 2019's holidays I went to Capilla del Señor. I love summer!

No, we are not in summer. We arent’ also on holidays, but we will be on Winter holidays in 4 more weeks.

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In my summer holidays, I go to a lot of places. Last year I went to Nha Trang Beach. Then I went to Suoi Tien Amusement Park in Ho Chi Minh City!

now its winter i live . i love summer except bugs and flyes

Yes it is summer where i live and yes i am on holiday from school.I go to the sea,to my grandparents,to other countries and in a camp.

Hi friend, I'm Doctor TomadoRaft, I don't like holidays in the summer, I like many thing else like : play football, Watch TV, Play basketball, And anything else. I think the best seasons's summer because you can spent your time to do your favorite thing in your freetime. In the summer you can see your friends anytime you would to see him. and you can go to the beach to build a vollage of sand and play ball with your family on the beach and riding a horse on the beach and you can do many things on the beach. you can go to anywere you can't go to it before this time. Thank you my friend for reading my simple artcile about summer. best regard, Doctor TomadoRaft.