Buzz and Bob are at an adventure camp. What sports will they do there? Watch and find out!

Story by Sue Clarke | Animation by Cambridge English Online


Buzz and Bob do lots of exciting sports at the adventure camp. Which sport would you like to try? Tell us about it!

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bob is very brave because bob can do many sport .

i like buzz because she really brave

hey there its really nice i like it because im an adventurous too.....

i like surfing the most!!!
im crazy DRAGON bOy

i like all extreme sports ^^

me too
i like to go surfing and bungee jumping soon...

me too 
 i like to go surfing with Bob

It's a very nice story. If only i could jump like Buzz. She's really really brave. I like rolling, In fact I and my sister are superb at it. My mum and dad are very proud of us. :)

Buzz is really brave!!! I wish I can jump like her!!!!!!

I like this game and it is very funny .