Your room is a mess! There's rubbish lying all around, but you can recycle it. Can you put the rubbish in the right recycling bins?

Game developed by Cambridge English Online


  • Do you keep your bedroom tidy or is it a mess?
  • Do you recycle the rubbish from your house? 
  • What colour are the containers for recycling where you live?
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Recycling is a good kind of activity

My bedroom it is very clean!!!
We recycling the glass
My recycling bin is grey and blue

it so easy

it is easy

 My bedroom is mess!!
Yes i recycling the plastic, the glass, the paper and compost 
My recycling bin is green in France.

 Is Great Game

 When I wrong.I hate that sound.

This is sooo easy and boring, but it is good because it learns kids to save the Planet.

so easy and boring