Who does the cooking in your home? Do you like cooking? What types of things do you make?

Your Turn: Cooking
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My mum cooks for me i like cooking so much i cook:salad potato,rice ,noodles,pizza

My mum cooks for me. I like to cook  eggs and pizza :))

  • Hello! I'm at school all day,but in the evening I'm at home. My mother cook dinner for my family. I help my mother. I can to make:
  • fry fish.
  • fry meat.
  • make soup
    I love cooking!

My mum does cooking at home.
I like cooking too!
But my favourite food is mantı:)
Note :Mantı is a Turkish food and I'm from Turkey.

 My mother and my helper does the cooking at home. Sometimes, my father does the cooking. Instead of "I like" I love cooking! I love to make:

  • Caramel Corn With Peanuts
  • Chipper Dippers
  • Sloppiest Joes
  • Crowd-Pleasin' Chili
  • Fruit Ring Party Punch
  • Ice Cream and Cookies Pie
  • Real Hot Fudge
  • Bagel Faces
  • and... many, many more!
    (these names are made my me)

My mum cooks everyday. I love cooking. Only i know how to cook noodles.

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Somebody reply to me I am new to this!
My name is Anneka!

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My mother and grandmother are cooking in my home. I like sous and soup. I do not like fish. I like to make a coffee for my grandfather.

In my home, my mum does the cooking. Yes, I like it. Well sometimes I make eggs, french fries, something like that. :)