What's your favourite drink? Do you prefer fruit juice or fizzy drinks? How many glasses of water or milk do you drink every day? Are you feeling thirsty now? 

Your Turn: Your Favourite Drinks
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My favorite drinks is chocolate milk because it is very yummy

My favourite drink is india Mango juice or you can call this drink Lassi . I drink eight glasses of water per day.and three glasses of milk per day too. I think i should close this page faster than i could because I AM THIRSTY !!!!!!!

My favourite drink is orange juice.

My favourite drink is Mango juice and cola.

I like guava juice. I prefer fruit juice. I drink 8 glasses of water and 1 glass of milk yes I feel thirsty now

l like mango

i like apple juice,too,DJGhost9000

Hey Guys!
I wanted to tell you that my favourite drink is apple juice and It will always be the same drink.
Hope you love apple juice too!

I like apple juice too, DJGhost9000!

  •  My favorite drinks is water, apple juice, tomato juice, carrot juice, and some more. It's juicy!
  • I do prefer fruit juice more. Fizzy drinks is not good for our health.
  • Very much! I love fresh water, so I can drink 1 bottle of water every day.
  • Yes, because I ALWAYS thirsty. Time for fight with the hot!