October 31 is Halloween. Do you celebrate Halloween where you live? If so, what do you do? If not, what do you know about this spooky day? Happy Halloween! 

Your Turn: Halloween
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I love halloween

 I live in Canada, we are celebrate Halloween, and we have Halloween party! Yeah!!!!!!!!! :D:D

I live in Poland. Some people in Poland celebrate Halloween! Me and my little sister celebrate it too. We are going to play 'Trick or Treat" and we are going to wear scary clothes. When it gets dark outside we're going to do that! I can't help waiting!!! :-)

I feel exciting for this day, tick or treat hahaha. 

 Hi my name is limar.I don' t celebrate hallween . 

in italy haloween celebrate on 31 october.I celebrate,in my flats i go trick or treating .I dress up as a skeleton.HAAAAAAPPPPPYYYY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, I and my brother go to appartaments in our's flats. We do " TRICK or TREATING". We wear a costume and we make up. HAPPY HALLOWEEN !!!!!!!

 Yeah, in Halloween I celebrate a Halloween PARTY! I just invite my friends: Toan and Lam. We have dinner together. And when we're finish, we get in my room and make mask and be some Halloween characters! Can you guess? Me and Toan be a vampire, and Lam be a cute CAT! No no no, not a scary black cat... A CUTE CAT! She is shy when we play the game: Discover the dark alley. She just lying on the hammock and watch TV. Whew, what's a scary game. We wear masks so we hope the ghost or something other think we are they's friends. "Did you have fun?" Lam asked. "Yes, we are." I said. But now I feel my tummy is empty so we get into the kitchen. "Let's make blood candy!" Want me to share my formula? 
I. Materials
- Melting chocolate
- Strawberries
- Rainbow candies( or marshmallow)
II. Cook
1. First, you need to put strawberries into the bowl of chocolate( remember to cut it).
2. Stir the bowl.
3. Now for the candies... Plug candies into the stick.
4. Embed the candy sticks into the bowl of chocolate, now is red like blood( 'cause the strawberries make its colour)
Finish! Enjoy!

I'd like to celebrate Hallowen. But I am Azerbaijani and we don't celebrate Hallowen

No, we don't celebrate Halloween. I know that people are wearing scary costumes, there's parties... I don't know anything else. Can someone tell me? I'd like to know more about this. :-)