Have you ever been to a wedding? What do people wear at weddings? What do people eat at weddings? Would you like to get married when you are older?

Your Turn: Weddings
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I have been to one they wear a long white dress with a silk  face-fabric that hangs on there face and they have cocktails a man wears a tuxedo and they have rings to switch and usally grapes and other dips and food.

  • No, I haven't. 
  • The bride wears a white dress and a white veil. The groom wears a suit and a tie. 
  • People eat appetizers, fish, sorbet, meat, and dessert. 
  • I don't know if I want to get married. 

Yes, I have been to weddings. The women who is marring is wearing wedding dress, and husband wedding costume. Other guests are wearing clothes in necktie with wedding. Yes, I'd like to be married. :)

yes i have been to the wedding. My parents' friends got married. It was fun and great. 

I have been to a wedding and it was awesome... 
i like watching tv shows about wedding dresses and i think they are the best thing on the wedding:))))))
wedding cakes are also wonderful and often delicious, they are usually white because that colour is simbol of weddings...

I have been to my aunt and uncle wedding...It's was wonderful

i have been a weeding many time i was waiting for my cousion weeding but axcidently i came to china so i losse this wedding

i have been to medding  for my brother and my sister it is very good you all peple hope . the eat all timr rice and meat and cake in morring tim . the wearing dress >  when i got older i married . thank my friend

yes,at the wedding people usally wear dress.Thet usally eat rice with some side dishes and yes,when i grow up i would like to get married.

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