Have you got any brothers or sisters or are you an only child? Have you got lots of cousins, aunts and uncles? Tell us a little about your family.

Your Turn: Family
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My name isYAGIZ

My sister name is İdil.She is 12 years old.She has got Brown hair and eyes.She is tall.

My dad name is İbrahim.He is 47 years old.He has got Brown hair and eyes.He is short.

My mum name is Türkan.She is 43 years old.She has got black hair and eyes.She is short.

I'm Eray. I love cars and cars game. My family is different because we have fun. İlayda is my sister. She is older than me. My father's name is Semih. He is the tallest of the family. My mum is artist. She is good at drawing a picture.She is more beautiful than İlayda:) 

 Hello everyone, 
My name is Batu . İ am 9 years old and i have a nice family. :D
My dad's name is  Nejat he is the oldest in my family and he loves  me a lot!!!
My mums name is Julya and she is prettier than my dad.  :)
İ have a older brother named Can who is bigger than me.
İ help my family by,being nice to them and listening to them.
İ like to do sports like football and basketball.
i live in İstanbul, TURKEY

İ love my family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have a very nice family. We are four people. My dad, my mum, my brother and me. My father work in Henkel. My mum is housewife. My brother is so funny.

We play footbal in summer with our friends. We go to MEF school. We all like TV. We enjoy eating. We all like hollidays, but my dad make all the holiday plans. We all like swimming. Me and my brother like to be in summer. We have a summer house in Arsus. We go there every summer. We see all our family in there. We swim, we ride bicycle. We go Austuria in winter. We live in Göktürk.

I have birhtday in winter. I am 9 years old. 


Hi everybody.
I'm Alice  from İstanbul / Turkey.
I'm living in Ulus, I'm 10 years old.
I have got a older sister. Here name is Melissa. She ıs 14 years old.
My fathers name is Franz. He is from Switzerland.
My mothers name is Nuray.
My hobbies are gymnastics,horse riding,skiing.skateboarding and tennis.
Sometimes we go,all together,weekends hors riding.
In the winter holidays,we go to Kartalkaya for skiing.
The summer holidays we spend all together in Ayvalik.  
İ love swimming in the cold ocean,and my sister loves surfing.

Hello my name is Salma. My mom is Larisa, My dad is Mohamed . I love my family.

Hello everybody! My name is amaan. I live in maldives. My mother's name is fathimath. My father''s name is
hassan. I have three sisters, they are hanan, jihan and my little sister emaan. i love my family very much.

Hi my name is Bade. My sister is caming in 14 februrary. My mums name is Ebru. My dads name is Osman. I am 8 years old. My mum is 39 years old. My dad is 41 years old. I love my family.

Hello Bade,
I am Defne!

My dad is bigger than my mother. My dad is tallest than my family. My mother is bigger than me. I LOVE MY FAMİLY. I PUT THİNGS AWAY İN MY BED ROOM. I DO MY HOMEWORK. I GO TO CİNEMA WİTH MY FAMİLY. I WALK WİTH MY FAMİLY. I LİSTEN MY FAMİLY.