What makes you laugh a lot? When was the last time you really laughed out loud? 

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I sometimes make my friends laugh when I tell some funny stories.

i don't know how,but when i am with my friends or family ,i feel enjoyable and happy the most...we discuss our old incidents which are sometimes really funny ...I start feeling good when i laugh ,even if i am having fever or being sad because laughter is the best medicine.

jokes and sometimes my own jokes hehehe

In Indonesia we have a TV show named "Kelas Internasional" (English : International Class). It's soooo funny lol!

It makes me funny stories, jokes... Last night, I watched one very funny movie, it makes me laugh a lot. :)


Hi! My name Khanh but at home my name is Jenny
I laugh to everyone like: went somebody talk a joke, say somethings like: are you dead! Did you drink medecine! I think she's drink are ready but not the right medecine. Yeah! Somethings like that! The last time I laughed a lot is yesterday, I goes with my friends, they tell many joke. I laugh a lot. Bye bye!

I laugh when i see some comedy.

Well I cause serious matters everywhere which makes me laugh, but I wear a humungous smile whenever I go past people which then turns into giggles. Actually no one except myself knows why I laugh so much in school. My friends think I'm crazy but I wasn't laughing so my teacher would hear me. Well sure, I am quite dumb! HAha!

Oops TV Soo LOL!!