What time do you go to bed? What time do you wake up? How many hours do you usually sleep at night? Do you ever feel tired and sleepy at school? Do you like sleeping? Tell us all about your sleeping habits.

Your Turn: Sleep
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I go to bed at 10 pm. I wake up at 7 am.
I sleep 9 hours at night.
I always feel tired and sleepy at school.
I like sleeping.
I watch TV every night before I go to bed.
Alice, 10

i usually sleep at 9:30 or 10:00 and wake up at 6:00 to go to school

I usually go to bed at ten o'clock. I get up at seven o'clock. I usually sleep nine hours. I sometimes feel tired at school. I sometimes like sleeping and sometimes i don't.

I always sleep at 9:30 pm after I do my tuition homework. I always wake at 6:30 am because I have to go to school. I always sleep at 11:00 pm because I like reading my magazine.I usually wake up at 10.00 am at the weekend because I do not have to go to school. I usually sleep 8 to 9 hours. I sometimes feel tired and sleepy at school because I have to do a lot of homework. I like to sleep because I do not have to do my homework. The End I am 9 years old.

I hope you will like my story

I usually go to bed at twelve o' clock at night. I always wake up at half past seven on weekdays but I always wake up at eight o' clock at the weekend.

I go to bed at 12  and I wake up at 7 in the morning from Monday to Friday. I wake up later along the weekend and holydays. At school I feel fantastic.

I go to bed in midnight usually. I wake up at 09:00. U usually sleep about eight hours. And this is only when is school vacation. When is school, i go in bed in 10 pm, and wake up at 7 am. Yes sometimes I feel tired. Yes I like sleeping, that's the best thing. :) 
About my habits, I usually stay long at night because I watch movies. And now on this school 'vacation' I stay until midnight because than is finishing my favourite movie. Usually, I said, I go in bed earlier. :)

Im total night bird, so i have problem with sleep and wake up ( yawn )

I go to sleep at 9.00 or 9.30 p. And I wake up at  8.00 or 9.00 am.
I don't go to school yet, but I don,t feel sleepy, I actually don't do anything much,
because i'm in the kindergarden playing but I like to be in my new home much more than
in the kinderkarten, my new room is so bug and beautiful. I like to sleep because I can't 
thinks of something bad, but I'm scared of nightmares! 
5 years

Hello, On a school night, I go to bed at 10:00P.M. I usually wake up at 6:30 Unless of a 2 hour delay or something. I usually sleep around 8 hours on school nights. On a weekend I go to bed whenever usually. Unless my parents are sleeping already. They don't like me up because I am the only child and up alone by myself... And I get up whenever but if I don't wake up after 11:30 they come wake me up. Yes I feel sleepy and tired sometimes at school. Most of the time i'm up and ready for school. I Like school sometimes, but not all of the time lol. My Issued Habbits: Umm Sometimes I snore very very lightly. You can't even actually hear it. Sometimes I slobber lol. And I think I mayy.. sleepwalk Haha. Because one night i fell asleep in my bed. And I saw this light. I thought it was my door. But my bed is far away from my door. Anyhow it was my window. And I was getting poked hard by something in my back. I got up andfound I was in my toybox.. Hmmm lol and i woke up my cousin and told her. It wasn't a dream. That was when Iwas 7 and im 11 and still remember. we still always laugh about it lol