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your story was great

I very very like New Year holiday. I am from Azeribaijan . I like our national holiday : Novruz holiday

 Hi QueenDrumSaxophone.
I'm from Azerbaijan too.
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If want,I be happy.


From which country is the website produced ?

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bravee salingggg bonne where are you

My name is Sevindzh. I live in Ukraine, but my motherland is Azerbaijan. I want to tell you about traditions and customs of my native land. The people mark a lot of holidays in Azerbaijan. One of my favourite is the Holiday of Novruz. It goes for four weeks. Every Tuesday is a holiday of Water, Fire, Wind and Earth. We see spring in. The main day is the 21-st of March. On this day we cook plov, stuffed cabbages, and meat covered by the leaves of vine, different salads and the dessert: shakarbura and pakhlava (these dishes are very sweet and delicious). It is necessary to grow some semeni (wheat) by the holiday. The semeni determines how good harvest the people will have. Also we clean our home. On the table there must be a candle. We paint eggs and decorate all the table with the semeni. Then we go out, make a fire and jump over it. We put a hat in front of the neighbours’ door and hide ourselves. The hostess should put some sweets into the hat. Then we take the hat with sweets and go to the other neighbours. It is very funny and tasty. I like this holiday very much.

 I am from Azerbaijan.I like Novruz holiday very much.

i like malin kundang traditional story from indonesia
in the end of the story
he is turn to be a rock by her mother