Teddy has an adventure one day. Why is he in the bin? Watch and find out!

Story developed by Cambridge English Online


Kumiko is happy to see her teddy. What's your favourite cuddly toy? Tell us about it!

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this storuis col guys

super adventure !! 

poor teddy !!!

Good  very    good  !!!!!!!!

My favourite  cuddly toy is teddy bear too! He is so cute, and I really love to give him a hug. My teddy bear is brown. I called him''Teddy''. I used to sleep with my teddy bear often. He is my favourite cuddly toy because he is my birthday present. My mother gave it to me.


 I will never put my teddy on the ground.'Cause my sis is going to throw it in to the TRASH BIN.

i will never put my things in the floor

 I will NEVER donate my plush toy baby tiger away.