What's your pencil case like? What colour is it? Who chose your pencil case? What's inside? Do you keep your pencil case tidy?

Your Turn: Pencil Case
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A case   is a   stand that we can put pen or pencil.My case's colour is pink colour.

 My pencil case is purple. It's quite big. I have: scissors, pencil, pen, ruler, rubber in it. It's nice and tidy. I chose it and my mum bought it.

 My pencil case is purple , it has pink and blue flowers . I have all my colouring pencils in it ,and my normal pencil. I chose it and my mother bought it for me.

Hi everybody!

! have a pencil case with to sides, and it has three beautiful girls drawn on it! in my pencil case i have :

1) 3 colorful pens
2) A led pencil
3) 1 pencil
4) an eraser
5) a sharpener
6) a double sharpener
7) a box with 12 color pencils i it
8) sticky notes
9) and 3 packs of led!

That's all!

My pencil-case has the colors of the earth (it's very nature-tastic+eco-friendly) and is made out of cloth... 
But the reason why I chose it (YES! I chose it: me, myself, and I!! =)) lol, was because you know, I just sorta liked it and plus it matched my cloth bag. NOTE: I didn't chose it for it's eco-friendliness, so I'm no eco nerd! I store my:

  • Pencils (one unsharpened, one old and one nowhere to be found (ie: lost)
  • My cool blue and green maped sharpener
  • My crumpled paper and my sticky-notz
  • A ruler
  • Pens in different colors (blue, black, red, purple,pink, green, orange etc)
  • My 'technic' eraser
  • Color pencils
  • My sharpener that does not work (is badly in need of those thingy's to make it a proper sharpener)

And many more stuff!

I'm not showing off, if ure wondering! ;)

I have a small,but very cute handmade pencil case which is made of jute. It is light brown mix with maroon color. I received it from my neighbor sister.  In my pencil case has 2 pen, a pencil ,a ruler and an eraser. i keep it very tidy.          


My pencil-case is violet, big and whit a picture of Dopey on it. I received it as a gift from my cousin Ilaria. Inside I have many coloured pencils, my pens, some rubbers, a ruler, my scissors and the glue. I keep my pencil-case in extreme order. 


my pencil case is really pretty it has 5 pockets its really expensive

I don't have pencil case....

 Why not? -_-  -_-  ‘-’